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The University of Edinburgh Fintech Society endeavors to understand and engage students and professionals with developments in financial technologies and ideas in the meeting point between finance and technology.

Our 4 Values

The University of Edinburgh FinTech Society aims to help students and non-students who express an interest in fintech to familiarise, learn and participate in the dynamic industry.


We endeavour to provide a platform for students and professionals to learn, evaluate and debate the developments in financial technologies that could change the way we think about finance.

This goal shapes our four values:

Skill Building

Equip members with the theoretical and practical skill set needed to engage and participate in the FinTech industry.


Inform students about new job opportunities emerging in FinTech due to the fast pace of changes in the modern global economy.


Provide students and professionals interested in FinTech with a platform to learn, evaluate and debate on the impact of technology on the financial services industry and financial markets.


Help members to meet like-minded people with common interests to learn from and work with.





Fraser Scott / President
MInf Informatics, Year 4

FinTech is such a rewarding subject to be in because it involves people from all degrees. Coming from a computer science background, I’ve picked up a lot from my business oriented peers. My favourite area within FinTech is definitely blockchain - it’s the future of currency! In my spare time, I do a lot of hackathons and always enjoy a good film.

Sin Loi / Treasurer
Accounting & Finance, Year 3

Fintech is a rapidly changing field, where new developments are always taking place. It’s amazing to see how technology such as robo advisors are challenging the traditional wealth management system, and how cryptocurrency pushes for debate in regulation. In my free time, I enjoy writing and picking up new skills!

Jabeth Musumba / Secretary
Computational Physics (MPhys), Year 2

I always find it fascinating when two previously unrelated fields manage to stumble into a partnership and birth a brand new field of study, especially so in regards to Fintech. The siege on the finance world that technology is making is definitely worth the watch for me but I’d love to be a part of it too which is why I joined this society. My hobbies include playing video games, reading, binging a series or delving into a programming project.

Christine Davis / Head of Conferencing and Events
Economics, Year 2

I joined FinTech Soc to be a part of the exciting efforts to bridge finance with technology in this growing field. With advanced computing software and a need for technical skills, the future of finance definitely relies on technology. My other hobbies are design, crafts and spending time outdoors.

Ryan Renard / Head of Research
MSc Finance

I joined the FinTech society because I am passionate about finance. I realised that  the financial industry is becoming more and more reliable on new technologies such as python and other programming languages, so I wanted to learn more about programming related to finance so I looked for every finance related societies and end up finding FinTech. I joined during my self-isolation when I did not know anybody and got to meet new people with the same interest as mine so I got along pretty smoothly and I am glad I joined because everybody is super nice and helpful. From what is saw it was a relatively new society and so I wanted to be part of it and see it grow and if possible help in the process of that growth.

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